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How to use the AS1288 tool?

  1. Input the wind pressures:
    • AS 4055:
      • Select the applicable ‘N’ or ‘C’ wind classification from the drop down box.
      • Select ‘General’ or ‘Corner’ pressure from the drop down box.
    • AS 1170.2:
      • Enter the applicable SLS and ULS pressures in the appropriate boxes. The AS 4055 wind classification will change to ‘N/A’
  2. Select the edge support type (2 Edge or 4 Edge support).
  3. Enter the Height and Width of the glass (Sight size).
  4. Select if the glass is an IGU (Yes or No).
    • If IGU, select if Equal panes (Yes or No).
    • If Unequal Panes, input the required thickness for pane 1.
  5. Select the Glass Type from the drop down box for each pane.
  6. Press the Calculate button.
  7. Read the calculated glass thickness.
    • For unequal pane IGUs, the calculated thickness is the minimum thickness required to pair with the user specified thickness for pane 1.

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