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Legal Disclaimers


While the Australian Window Association (AWA) has made every effort to ensure that the material within this suite of tools is current and accurate, the Australian Window Association is furnishing this web based tool "as is” and does not provide any warranty of the item whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the tool will be error-free.

AWA’s efficientglazing tools are NOT an alternative to appropriate education, training or experience or the use of a professional.

Users must refer to the actual text of and other professional requirements in the User's Handbook as well as using the guidance provided. The material cannot be a substitute for the professional judgement which is required to be exercised when introducing quality control policies and procedures.

Pronouncements on quality control, economic assumptions and on other professional issues will continue to be promulgated by the AWA from time to time. The requirements of newly released pronouncements prevail over any material to the contrary.

Important disclaimer

A user of AWA’s efficientglazing tools must take care in applying them to particular circumstances.

AWA is not in the business or profession of providing legal, scientific or other professional advice or services in regard to this product.

AWA makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any associated publication.

Product Disclosure Statement

1. This suite of tools provides indicative results only and is reliant on accurate user input.

2. Individual results may vary.

3. Results are based on outcomes of the “Sustainable Windows Alliance: Phase II – Modelling the economic and environmental impacts of windows – High-level analysis of model outputs” 15 June 2010 – Ernst & Young.

4. Information on electricity and gas prices, emissions factors and electricity generation mix has been obtained from the Treasury modelling and consultant reports in Australia’s Low Pollution Future: The Economics of Climate Change Migration.

5. Energy Usage mixes, appliance percentage market share and appliance co-efficient of Performance data sourced from the Energy Use in the Australian Residential Sector 1986 – 2020 (2008) produced by Energy Efficient Strategies for the Department of Energy, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

6. The efficientglazing Tools utilise three generic houses utilising R2.0 wall insulation plus reflective foil laminate (RFL) and R5.0 ceiling insulation, 450mm eaves throughout unless stated and Slab on ground.

7. The efficientglazing tool assumes that all of the glazing in all model scenarios is replicated with the same performance values on all orientations unless using Whole of House software results.

8. The efficientglazing tool allows for the selection of one of three generic house sizes described below. These houses allow users to best match their specific house design. The results of the efficientglazing tool cannot provide specific results based on any individual house.

Small House

- 103 m2

- Tropicalised for tropical Climates (north of the Tropic of Capricorn) including elevated slab.

- Altered for Perth to uninsulated brick cavity to match the dominant house design of the location.

Medium House

- 172.5 m2

- Altered for Perth to uninsulated brick cavity to match the dominant house design of the location.

Large House

- 241.3 m2

- Tropicalised for tropical climates (north of the Tropic of Capricorn) including elevated slab, single skin concrete block work with battened lasterboard linings.

- Altered for Perth to uninsulated brick cavity to match the dominant house design of the location.

o All houses specified with R2.0 Wall insulation plus reflective foil laminate and R5.0 ceiling insulation except where otherwise stated.

o All windows have 450mm eaves (except the large house ground floor windows)

o All houses are slab on ground unless stated as otherwise above the efficient Glazing tool utilises 17 proxy climates based on the 69 NatHERS Climate zones.

9. The postcode search utilises the locations in Accurate climate zones, State and BCA climate zones to assign a corresponding proxy climate zone based on the Sustainable Windows Australia Project: ”Stage Zero”(15 Dec 2008 – Revised) by Dr Peter Lyons, PH.D .

10. MJ performance values derived from the “Final Report to Sustainable Window Alliance on Window Performance indicators – Guidance for Window Designers, Specifiers and Suppliers” 27 October 2009 – Peter Lyons

11. MJ performance data based on the NatHERS AccuRate Software v1.1.4.1, NFRC Glazing Version

Image Credits

Photos published on this website are provided by DLG Aluminium