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AS 4055 is written to provide designers, builders and manufacturers of building products that are affected by wind loading with a range of wind speed classes that can be used to design and specify such products for use in housing that are within the geometric limitations of the Standard.

This website contains online tools to empower the community to make the best choices when purchasing energy efficient windows and doors.

A compulsory Training Course must be successfully completed before becoming licensed. Employees of AWA members are eligible to be licensed to use the tool after application and successful completion of the training module. Free monthly webinars will be held to support the correct use of the tool.

AS 4055 has been derived for houses as a group or large numbers of buildings. In general this has proved reliable but it recognises that correct application of this Standard may lead to some houses with more conservative design loads, and others with less conservative design loads. It is important to categorise each building on a case-by-case basis. Each site should be assessed individually for its wind classification. Each building should be assessed for compliance with geometry and for evaluation of pressures.