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What is the AS1288 tool?

The AS 1288 Online Tool has been developed by the Australian Window Association to provide a quick and easy method to calculate the thickness  of glass subject in addition to wind loads. It is for the exclusive use of AWA members and in conjunction with the window’s purchaser.

Once the glass thickness has been calculated the user can print out a copy of the page as a record of the selection of the glass for the windows you are purchasing.

1288 subtitle

Efficient glazing tools allow you to make informed decisions about the windows and glazed doors in buildings.


About the tool

Users will need:

  • access to the internet,
  • flash installed,
  • a copy of AS 1288 (Copies can be purchased through the AWA).

The AS1288 Tool is another initiative from the Australian Window Association (AWA) designed to inform and simplify compliance to the National Construction Code and Australian Standards.